Linsay’s friggin’ awesome eggless omelets.

OK guys. Here it is. Every time Linsay and I have a meeting about Front Street Yoga and Marin Yoga Hikes, she cooks up some of the most incredible vegan foods –>> from scratch.

I mean lip smacking – day dreaming – finger licking – tummy grumbling – wake up at night craving – good stuff.

I have tried to imitate her amazingness in my own kitchen without much luck so far. It has become a very yogic lesson in patience, in going more slowly and in paying attention to smaller details. It’s a lesson that Linsay is quite clearly teaching me via her cooking….

Scrummy eggless omelete

Scrummy eggless omelete

She has promised to share all her recipes on here as soon as our work load decreases (hahaha).

Until then I have to share with you the url to this amaze balls breakfast food that she has been preparing for us for lunch over the last few weeks and that I finally managed to mimic somewhat successfully today.

Enjoy! (And don’t worry you can work off the calories in one of our vinyasa flow classes 🙂



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